Honda CBR 1000RR Fuel Tank Protection Kit




Self Healing PPF Fuel Tank Protection Kit For Honda CBR 1000RR

A micro-thin, optically clear (gloss version) self-healing paint protection film kit designed to protect motorcycle fairings, fuel tanks and components from damage caused by scratches, scuffs, abrasion, stone chips and road rash. Our film is 100% pliable and extremely durable so it won’t scratch, crack or deteriorate in any way and, due to it’s self-healing nature, if it does get scratched, it will heal back to it’s normal state. The integrated UV protective layer ensures that the film will not ‘yellow’ or diminish over time.

Key Features:-

  • Self-Healing
  • Optically Clear (gloss version)
  • Hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • Repels Dirt & Contaminants, Making Washing Easier
  • Micro-Thin Laminate Construction
  • Easy to Install
  • 10 Year Product Guarantee

Easy to install and supplied with everything that you need in the kit including:-

1 x Self-Healing PPF Kit

Isopropyl Cleaning Wipe(s) or Universal Cleaner

1 x Dual Edge Squeegee

1 x Bottle of Application Fluid

Application Instructions

A 10 year product guarantee is also included.


Please state model year when ordering.

Depending on the model year, the image shown may not accurately reflect the actual shapes or sections included in the kit.

Our kits are professionally designed to offer comprehensive coverage of the areas that are most susceptible to damage during everyday riding and general wear and tear unlike other brands that simply protect the leading edges and leave the remainder of the motorcycle vulnerable.

Matte (stealth) & special finish PPF kits also available. Please see our other listings or contact us for details.


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