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As well as being an accredited Gtechniq, Wax Is Dead & Swissvax detailer, we also operate a simple menu system for our more popular, non-branded services. Below is a small selection, however, a full list of our services, together with the relevant information is available on our Detailing & Paint Correction page. If you wish to obtain an estimate for a Gtechniq surface protection treatment or ceramic coatings for your car, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

ArmourFactory are a qualified automotive Master Detailer based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. Recognised by the Institute Of The Motor Industry (IMI), this is the highest accolade within our sector and demonstrates a quality of workmanship and attention to detail which is second to none. We enjoy a multitude of qualifications and training accolades from the finest car care product manufacturers in the world and we have several years’ of practical experience working with some of the most luxurious and exotic cars and motorcycles available. Our enviable reputation, high standard of craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise is reflected in our prices.

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Maintenance Wash - 1.5 hrs
An exterior wash and dry using gentle products and safe techniques.
Interior Cleanse - 1.5 hrs
An interior clean, glass clean, vacuum & freshen up.
Engine Detail - 1 hrs
A full steam clean & de-grease of the engine bay.
Mini Detail - 3 hrs
A combined maintenance wash and interior cleanse.
Wash & Buff - 8 hrs
A maintenance wash followed by a single stage polish.
Paint Enhancement - 15 hrs
A clay bar and professional, two stage machine polish.
Paint Correction - 30 hrs
Full paint correction with 3-4 stage machine polish.
Interior Detail - 8 hrs
A full, intricate interior detail & anti-bacterial treatment.
Swissvax Wax Finish - 4 hrs
A hand applied and buffed Swissvax wax finish.
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Maintenance Wash - 1 hr
A wash and dry of your motorcycle using gentle products and safe techniques.
Engine Detail & Protect - 3 hrs
Engine detail, de-grease & protection with ACF-50.
Motorcycle Detail - 12 hrs
A maintenance wash followed by a full detail.
Paint Correction - 16 hrs
Full paint correction with multi-stage machine polish.
NanoTech (New Bike) - 3 hrs
NanoTech Ceramic Coating Application - New Bike Only.
Detail & NanoTech - 14 hrs
Full detail followed by application of NanoTech ceramic coatings.

*Please Note: Prices shown are estimates only and an actual quotation will only be provided upon a full vehicle appraisal.

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