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How Is It Made?

RideWrap Film Construction Graphic


The topcoat is the first line of defense out on the trail. The topcoat’s superhydrophobic properties repel stains, shed mud, speed up cleaning, and maintain that “just installed” appearance. When heat is applied, the self-healing properties of our elastomeric polyurethane topcoat cause swirls and light scratches to disappear.


At the core of our film is an impact and abrasion-resistant thermoplastic urethane(TPU) structure. The structure is engineered to disperse forces from rock strikes, stump strikes, crashes, and other impacts your bike encounters. This structure is responsible for protecting your bike from damage.


The film uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive layer as its foundation. This layer is specifically formulated to resist delamination and keep edges locked in place. When it’s time to replace or remove, the adhesive releases as if it had never been there.

RideWrap Features

Improved Impact & Abrasion Resistance

Designed to take the abuse so your bike doesn’t have to. Better protection from trail debris, shuttle abrasion, travel damage, and talent deficiencies.

Optimized Thickness

Made thicker for better protection while maintaining ease of installation. At 9 mils of real measurable thickness, our films lead industry standards for protection.

Exceptional Clarity and Finish

Invisible and smooth finish that lasts ride after ride. Available in both Matte and Gloss. Our new matte film is now more matte and has been optimized to match more matte factory finishes.

Self-Healing Property

Makes every day feel like New Bike Day. Swirls and light scratches disappear when gentle heat is applied.


Water and mud-shedding properties keep your bike cleaner throughout the ride and make it easy to clean and maintain a bike’s factory look.

Stain Resistant

Keep your bike looking fresh. Film remains clear, clean, and smooth when exposed to dirt, contaminants, and neglect.

Enhanced Adhesion

Bike-specific adhesive clings to the complex curves of a bike frame and fork, locks edges down, and adheres longer while remaining removable.


10-year warranty against yellowing and cracking.

What Does It Look Like?

Purchase A RideWrap Kit For Your Bicycle:

RideWrap Light Blue Background Image

Identify Bike Components

If you don’t know your downtube from your derailleur, our handy illustration may help! Generally speaking, regardless of whether it’s a mountain bike, road bike or ebike, the main components names remain the same.

Bicycle Components Illustration

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