Ride Wrap Replacement Pieces




RideWrap protection kits do a fantastic job of protecting your bike’s paint finish. But what happens when your bike inevitably takes a tumble, especially likely if it’s a mountain bike? The RideWrap kit does a good job by protecting the frame against damage, however, a section of the protection kit takes the hit and becomes scuffed or torn…

Do you continue to ride your bike in the hope that you don’t hit the same area as you did in your crash?

Do you need to invest in a brand new protection kit in order to get the single piece that you need?

The answer to both of the above questions is NO. All you need to do is order replacement piece(s) for the kit you already have. The replacement piece(s) save you time and money, not to mention lessening the environmental impact of unused / unwanted materials. The only piece(s) that need to be replaced are the scuffed or torn piece(s) that are damaged beyond repair and no longer protecting the bicycle.

As an added value service, ArmourFactory are now able to cut replacement Ride Wrap pieces onsite and to order… simply give us a call on 01254 825212 to let us know which piece(s) you need and for which make and model and we’ll do the rest… no hassle, minimal expense and doing your bit for the planet. Oh, and we can even remove the damaged piece and re-fit the new one too!


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