Toffee Wheel Adhesive Removal Tool


Toffee Wheel Adhesive Removal Tool.



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Our Toffee Wheel adhesive removal tool is the simplest way to remove stubborn self-adhesive decals, emblems, stickers, tape and glue from automotive paintwork and lacquered surfaces. Simply attach the toffee wheel to any electric drill using the included chuck attachment and spin the edge of the wheel on a low setting against the adhesive to remove it quickly and easily. The toffee wheel will not damage or even leave any residual marks on the painted surface, thus making what is usually a painstakingly slow and laborious process, not to mention the fingernail torture, an absolute breeze!

The toffee wheel measures 100mm in diameter and is reusable. Can also be used on acrylic, glass, urethane and many other surfaces.


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