KTM Motorcycle PPF – Bespoke Design Service


ArmourFactory have the design capability and in-house resources to produce one off or bespoke paint protection film kits for your KTM motorcycle, regardless of age or model. For further information please call 01254 825212.



Our Paint Protection Film kits are designed to protect your KTM motorcycle against stone chips, road rash, scratches, UV damage and paintwork contamination. These factors of ownership are inherent to everyday riding, washing & maintenance techniques and general wear and tear.

By installing paint protection film, the protected areas of bodywork will remain in almost perfect condition for the lifetime of the motorcycle, thus maintaining visual appeal and keeping residual values high.

We are able to design a bespoke PPF kit for your KTM motorcycle*, regardless of age, model or production variant. By employing the latest 3D modelling and CAD techniques, we will use our expertise to produce a kit which combines the highest level of protection with ease of installation and long-term durability. Our finished design will be supplied as a fully ‘nested’ PPF kit in a digital format which can then be cut and installed by your chosen third party PPF installer. Alternatively, we can supply and install the kit for you at additional cost.

This service is suitable for individuals who want to protect their own motorcycle as well as PPF installers, motorcycle dealers and manufacturers who have a requirement for a higher volume of professionally designed kits.

* Actual motorcycle to be provided for up to 3 days, either at our workshop, a bike dealership or similar, for the design process to be carried out.

Upon ordering, we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

You can read more about our bespoke PPF process here.


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