Stek DynoFlex Windscreen Protection Film

Stek Automotive have recently launched their DYNOflex car windscreen protection film – a new and unique development in automotive protection and safety.

The crystal-clear protective film will help vehicle owners to significantly reduce the risk of having to replace costly windscreens due to damage caused by stone chips and flying debris… particularly significant on our great British roads! As vehicle windscreens are becoming more technically advanced, with integrated heating elements and safety features that are inherent to the autonomous driving of the future, the cost of replacing your windscreen is very likely to increase… not to mention the inconvenience and downtime of having your vehicle off the road whilst enduring the hefty insurance premiums that replacement windscreens can attract.

The optical clarity of Stek’s new product will ensure that none of these autonomous driving aids are interfered with, whilst their proprietary TPU windscreen film will feature crack-free ‘shock absorption and impact dispersion’ technologies as well as excellent UV and hydrophobic (water dispersion) capabilities, thus offering superior protection and extreme durability.

As a professional, experienced and accredited paint protection film specialist, ArmourFactory will be offering an installation service for Stek’s exciting new DYNOflex windscreen protection film from our premises in Whalley, Lancashire as soon as it becomes available on the UK market. Initial distribution is expected to commence in June 2021 although, with imminent delays caused by the pandemic and Brexit, we may just have to contain our excitement a little longer!

To receive updates regarding pricing and availability for Stek DYNOflex windscreen protection film, please register your interest using our contact form or call us directly on 01254 825212 for further information.


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